Tout Va Bien Se Passer (Everything Will Be Alright)


In current times, how should mental disability be dealt with in an unrestrained, open-minded way? How can society take on this difference not as a barrier but as an opportunity? By directly confronting its creative force and abounding energy. And what better place for this than on a stage, where disability ceases to be a "negative" and becomes a "positive", finally revealing exceptionally strong human beings, without any blinders or artifices. From experimental group Les Harry's, to hip-hop collective Choolers Division, to the multifaceted projects of Atelier Méditerranée (now Brut Pop), many are the initiatives that have explored this channel in recent years. The Wild Classical Music Ensemble is: Linh Pahm, Johan Geenens, Wim Decoene, and Sebastien Faidherbe, four mentally disabled persons, led by the Belgian musician and violin-maker Damien Magnette. The group's first album, released in confidentiality on Sub Rosa (SR 274CD, 2009), had gone under the radar and no one seemed to know how to approach it. Yet, no less than six labels (including Born Bad Records) grappled to put out Tapping Is Clapping in 2015 (BORNBAD 071LP), a new LP full of fire and fury, a record of an "other" category. And if in 2019 you still haven't dared to let yourself be hammered by the Wild Classical Musical Ensemble's steamroller, rest assured: the time to catch-up his here with Tout Va Bien Se Passer (Everything Will Be Alright), the ensemble's third record together and from far its most accessible yet. But careful, this isn't a sort of lull, far from it -- as evidenced by the exceptional "Bande De", a furious symphony of curses on which Fabrice, the singer of Frustration, stirs up an already stifling atmosphere. It's rather a convergence, a rebalancing of flows, and more accessible material. Making your trip to this parallel dimension more colorful and hallucinated. Orchestrated by Magnette's original instruments (percussion bass, melodica from outer space, devious microphones, effect pedals transformed into a Theremin), specifically designed for each member of the group. A trip full of dizzying earthquakes and triumphant storms, populated by jelly-like Talking Heads ("Trainstation") and damaged Devos ("Autofile"), where you will dance to lunar punk ("Carapace"), and screaming robot-rock ("Ik Ben Blij"). CD version comes as a digipack.