Vou Ficar Neste Quadrado

GB 156LP GB 156LP

LP version. Glitterbeat Presents Ana Lua Caiano's Vou Ficar Neste Quadrado. Ana Lua Caiano's debut album melds rural Portuguese music traditions with layered vocals, synthesizers, insistent beats and field recordings. Her music is visceral and tightly focused pulling from a rich mosaic of influences that includes traditional group singing, musique concrete, songwriters from Portugal's '70s revolutionary period and electronic icons like Bjork and Laurie Anderson. Hailing from Lisbon's fertile musical underground, Caiano's music -- and its international reception -- are moving forward quickly. Her lauded recent performances at Eurosonic and Transmusicales certainly attest to that, as do the laser sharp emotions and highly individual sonics of her much anticipated first album: Vou Ficar Neste Quadrado ("I Shall Stay in This Square"). It's electronic music. Utterly contemporary. Pulsing, glitchy, atmospheric and beat driven but with roots deep in the traditional Portuguese music her parents listened to when she was a child. "They had a lot of cassettes that they'd play," she recalls. "I loved to mimic and I'd imitate the singers. I took it in by osmosis, I suppose, and the elements are still there in what I do." Since she began her sonic experiments during lockdown, Caiano has been relentlessly pushing the borders of her music. It is of course a process that already began when she first imitated traditional singers or took her first piano lesson. It is a process that's led her to the road she's on now, one where tradition and electronics walk side by side. "I think it's quite experimental," she says, affirming that her music emphasizes the restless and evolutionary. "I believe traditional music evolves with the world -- nowadays you can make traditional music with a computer or talk about themes that weren't relevant or didn't exist in the past. Traditional music is always evolving." Travelling forward fast and sure, Ana Lua Caiano is definitely not stuck in a square. Featuring Essence Voices.