Keplar releases a vinyl reissue of 2001's Curve, the second album released by Frank Bretschneider on Mille Plateaux under his real name. Curve saw him pick up on the underlying concept of 1999's Rand, but gave his explorations of the sonic and stylistic range of electronic music notably more space and time to unfold. Merging compositional minimalism with sonic complexity, the eight tracks display an affinity for the production techniques of dub music, which had already been a major reference point for Bretschneider's work before. Its subtle grooves, especially in the rhythmically charged pieces towards the end of the album, also nod at the dance music-inspired work of contemporaries such as SND or Vladislav Delay. Produced during a prolific time for Bretschneider, who had previously co-run the Rastermusic label and was at that time still active under his Komet moniker, he considers Curve to be a crucial album in his discography. Bretschneider was an important figure in the 1980s Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz) scene and released his first solo experiments with electronic music through his own klangFarBe tape label as early as 1985. Throughout the 1990s, he was part of projects such as Produkt and Tol and also released solo albums as Komet on Rastermusic, which he had co-founded in 1995 together with Olaf Bender a.k.a. Byetone. At the turn of the millennium, he gradually started releasing more solo records under his real name. After 1999's Rand, followed Rausch on 12k -- with whose owner Taylor Deupree he would collaborate for 2002's Balance, reissued in 2020 by Keplar -- in the following year and, finally, Curve. Produced after he had moved to Berlin, Bretschneider used a Clavia Nord Modular as his primary sound source and the Logic DAW to modulate and synchronize the sounds, adding only drum loops to some tracks in the second half of the album. Curve is a record that is hard to pigeonhole and thus an archetypical Bretschneider album: marked by a meticulous attention to detail, infinitely playful, and fully dedicated to pushing the envelope of electronic music. It is no wonder that it left a lasting mark on the international scene for adventurous electronic music.