Pop Ambient 2010


2017 repress; LP version. Includes download code. Kompakt's highly-anticipated fan-favorite series Pop Ambient returns for 2010, celebrating a whole decade of annual bliss. Pop Ambient was conceived by Kompakt co-owner and producer Wolfgang Voigt (aka Gas, Burger/Ink, etc.), and remains a collection selected and curated by Voigt himself. Pop Ambient remains an ambitious entity of Kompakt that certainly draws influence from his legendary Gas recordings of the late '90s -- the musical context often characterizes densely-layered ambient soundscapes that are not concerned with beats, percussion or bass lines. Throughout Pop Ambient's editions, the music has evolved ever so naturally -- almost characterizing the blossoming of the floral arrangements that have graced the series covers year after year. Marsen Jules delivers a dramatic entrance to this collection of exclusive, new music. Brock Van Wey/bvdub's two contributions relay his ability to harmonize ethereal vocals and guitar-picking into an emotive, sonic embodiment. Jörg Burger aka Triola takes us on a walk through Cologne's Schildergasse shopping district -- the street-sounds mingling with Triola's (now) classic flute treatments, weaving a soothing, warm blanket. Wolfgang Voigt makes a rare appearance under his real name, and his track is sure to surprise die-hard Voigt fans. Andrew Thomas' song resonates the crackles and murmurs of a deep flowing river winding its way through his New Zealand home-country's lush, green valleys. The Orb reminisce the days of old with a unique sonic platter that interweaves in all the right places. Mikkel Metal leaves his dub trademark in the background, opting to deliver a lovely, reflective, piano-based piece. DJ Koze doesn't disappoint -- his uncanny fluidity flutters magnificently with piano and strings. Jürgen Paape makes his Pop Ambient debut appearance with an ambient version of "Ofterschwang." Dettinger makes a stunning return with his first original song in nearly a decade -- "Therefore" shimmers like the sun after a summer rain. Thomas Fehlmann (of The Orb) contributes a roller that flitters backwards and forwards with delicate keystrokes. Popnoname returns with a sentimental, synthetic euphoria that's simply transcendental. Here's to 10 more years of bliss.