No Name

SN 025LP SN 025LP

"Skam recorded this stuff between 1982 and 1983, then broke up, leaving these songs to be released... maybe never? Or more preferably, now, to race into the bloodstream of jaded, faded today with all the vigor and rigor of Skam's eternal youth. The band that became Skam was a world apart; they were posited for the first time by 8th graders Vince Forcier and Jack Anderson at a Jackson Browne concert, and their initial rehearsals in their parents' basement were highlighted by covers of Beatles, Stones, Who and Led Zeppelin songs. It wasn't until they'd been playing a bit that they discovered The Ramones, and it was then that the die was cast and pedal pressed to the metal for another frantic couple of years. The Skam recordings from '82 have an undeniably Clash-like countenance that sets them definitively apart from the 'First Four' of dischord -- in some ways, prefiguring the pop-punk sound of Green Day at the dawn of the '90s instead -- but subsequent recordings found them quickly evolving into a personal mastery of savage riffs and tempos, as well as post-punk conceptions. But even as they were verging into this new territory, their three years together had frayed their alliance and they soon broke up. Jack joined No Trend, Vince played in Racer X and then, the second version of Second Wind. The rediscovered Skam tapes make for an incredible addendum to the more well-known music of that incredible time and place. No Name is the name, grab it now!"