Love Thy Neighbour

TR 176CD TR 176CD

After their debut album La La La received rave reviews and resulted in a couple of successful Swedish and German tours, power-pop trio Nom De Guerre went back home to Stockholm to ponder their next move. How could they take things to the next level? The answer was to discover new horizons. Lead singer Hector moved to Berlin and immersed himself in the music and art scene. Over the course of countless emails and endless phone calls, the de Guerre brothers realized that they didn't want to just record another bunch of songs. They wanted to tell a story. A murder story, a whodunit, a classic tale of how true love comes up against pure, naked greed and... well, you'll have to listen to the whole ten songs, in the right order, to find out what happens. Because this is a concept album -- but not in the standard "tedious-overlong-songs-about-a-vague-and-pretentious-theme" way. This is a collection of polished, snappy songs, any of which works fine by itself, too. From the impassioned vocals and fuzzed-up bass solos to the pounding piano and frantic drumming, along with chunky synths, smooth strings and stonking tunes, there's plenty to keep listeners happy. The cynical, sometimes brutal lyrics set to joyous pop music will send an unexpected chill down your spine. Teaming up with talented Berlin artist Sandra Tebbe is: Hector de Guerre (lead vocals and piano), Louis de Guerre (harmony vocals and bass), and George de Guerre (harmony vocals and drums). Includes a guest appearance by TokTok's Soffy O.