You Already Have A Home

TR 192LP TR 192LP

LP version, featuring an extra vinyl-only track. This is the second full-length release by The Late Call aka Stockholm singer/songwriter Johannes Mayer (The Cedar). Throughout the record there is an energy which remains a driving force, all the way through to its gratifying end. You Already Have A Home comes as a marked contrast to the acclaimed debut Leaving Notes on which Johannes Mayer was given the opportunity to cut his teeth with an album of beautiful songs exercised in the art of restraint. On his sophomore record, he has put together an album full of punctuation marks, giving a completely new perspective to the introverted nature of Leaving Notes. This record features a stronger emphasis on percussion and strings with old pianos and brass thrown in for good measure. The result is a collection of songs that have been arranged with great love and attention to detail. However, you will not find any form of musical overload or effect-fireworks in any of the songs. You Already Have A Home, in evolutionary terms, could be described as the missing link between Kings Of Convenience and Bon Iver. The situation in the studio reflects life's circumstances which The Late Call describe on this record: the attempt to build your life, the struggles, the set-backs and the belief in a rewarding and positive end. You Already Have A Home arrives with an impressive clarity and sharp observation, combining a beautiful interaction of lyrical content and melody with a simplicity that demonstrates how much this artist has developed as a songwriter and musician. The album was recorded and co-produced by Tapete stable-mate John Roger Olsson (The Grand Opening) in his Stockholm studio. Furthermore, the album features collaborations with, among others, Ylva Ceder (who Johannes Mayer toured with in December 2009), bass player Patric Thorman and Maria Eriksson (The Concretes).