The Magazines You Read

TR 213CD TR 213CD

"Jack Beauregard (pronounced: 'Zjegg.Burre.Garr') is Pär Lammers and Daniel Schaub from Berlin, Germany. They have been making music together since 2006. The Magazines You Read is their second album. In addition to Jack Beauregard, they sometimes write songs for other artists -- some may know their compositions for the German pop starlet Lena Meyer-Landruth. They missed the award ceremony for Lena's platinum album because they were stuck in traffic. Jack Beauregard have successfully toured in England and Sweden and in Germany they toured supporting Mika and Hurts. The Magazines You Read is all about the fantastic notion that you might one day understand who you really are. Ideally, it would happen through a soulmate who explains the world to you, brushes away all those nagging questions and makes you forget your doubt. But no one can do that: not the girl who finds all her answers in magazines ('All These Tears'); not the person across from you, who can tell by looking into your eyes just how empty you feel ('Gold Mine'); and not that wonderfully eccentric person beside you ('Lullaby'). It's an album about that moment just before sleep, when it seems as if everything is clear. And yet nothing is clear, because: this is also an album about love -- an album about love that was made with love. Daniel and Pär produced it themselves and have ensured that it does everything to you that makes you come to life. You want to dance to 'Hollywood' until you don't care if somebody is watching. The beginning of 'You Or My Guitar' finds you on the floor with a broken heart, but in the end you fly away. And the first single 'You Drew A Line' has you longing for nothing more than to be unhappily in love, because even that feels so nice with Jack Beauregard." --Raffaela Jungbauer