Hit Parade

TR 228CD TR 228CD

This is the fifth album by Texas singer/songwriter Salim Nourallah, formerly of Nourallah Brothers. The story of Hit Parade began in a window overlooking Paris' Marais district in May of 2009. That's where Salim Nourallah wrote the opening track, "38 Rue De Sévigné," a love letter to the "green and pleasant land" of France. This happened at the end of Salim's third European tour and at the time he was thinking his next record would be recorded and produced by his new friend Wreckless Eric. The title track "Hit Parade," a Lennon-esque psychedelic thumper, was written on the plane ride back to Texas with the Wreckless sound in mind. But, with Eric's busy touring schedule, plans to record together quickly dissolved. It all worked out because Salim had also just formed the best group of his career and was itching to make his first band record in at least ten years. The goal being a record that combined his love of The Clash's London Calling, The Kinks' Village Green..., The Beatles' White Album, with his own melodic and lyrical sensibilities honed into a style instantly recognizable as his own. A year of writing ensued, followed by Salim bringing his stellar five-piece band to the Treefort in Austin, Texas. In just five days in August of 2010, the songs were fully tracked with the help of expert record maker Jim Vollentine (Spoon, White Rabbits, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead). It was a joyous and intense explosion of sound -- enough to yield most of Hit Parade and the 6-song Friends For Life EP. Hit Parade's lineage can be traced directly back to classic mid-'60s rock'n'roll and the post-punk 1979 explosion, but its main influence is in its various creators' lifetimes dedicated to crafting their own specific style and sound. From the intense, unsatisfied pulse of "Never Felt Better" to the AC/DC-cum-Kinks swagger of "Goddamn Life" on through the tumbling Who-esque "Quitter" and the plaintive, acoustic guitar-driven "Friends For Life," Hit Parade will take you on a rollicking good ride through rock's rich and varied sonic pageantry. Strap on your headphones and prepare to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.