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Daniel Schaub and Pär Lammers form the electronic-songwriting super-duo Jack Beauregard. Their third album is entitled Irrational, and it is music made for today and tomorrow. It allows us to look up into space now, and tomorrow to think back in a dream of something that was good and exciting in the early teenage years of the second millennium. Jack Beauregard was founded in 2006 in Amsterdam, where Pär Lammers and Daniel Schaub studied. They came up with their first song ideas on a joint trip through Scandinavia, before mutating into the indietronic answer to The Beatles in Daniel's one-bedroom apartment in Amsterdam. Their first album Everyone Is Having Fun was released in 2009 on Tapete Records, but the real momentum began in 2011, after the two relocated to Berlin, with the release of The Magazines You Read. Jack Beauregard's flawless pop brought them truckloads of critical acclaim, enthusiastic devotion and concerts as support for Hurts, Gotye, Mika, and Boy. After working their magic onstage in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, England and France, Pär Lammers and Daniel Schaub began creating their so-called difficult third album. Irrational originated in Berlin, within the four walls of their Jaqueline Bellevue Studio. For the first time, Jack Beauregard worked with guest musicians, recording drums and woodwinds with the wonderful Valeska Steiner from Boy contributing backing vocals on some of the songs. Daniel Schaub and Pär Lammers tirelessly hone the perfect synthesis of acoustic and programmed elements. The entire album travels through time, exploring the styles of the last, say, 50 years: the Gaussian blur of Simon And Garfunkel, the rhythmic framework of "Rockit"-era Herbie Hancock, the nursery rhyme melodies of Robert Palmer and Nik Kershaw, the magic of great pop albums from Rumours to Thriller to Alphabetical. All of that shines through the music like the sun through a parchment.