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Kristofer Åström is Sweden's most creative, diverse, and inspirational singer/songwriter, with a career spanning a decade and a half of rock, pop, punk, folk, and country, always with personal, melancholic, and interesting stories as the glue that holds his musical matchstick house together. After eight albums and four EPs, it's about time to sum up his first 15 years in the dirty pond that is the music business. To call it a "best of" would be to mislead people, as there really are no bad eggs in his back catalog, so we'll just call it an Introduction. Enjoy, people. "It all started in 1996. Fireside were on tour in the U.S. and we stopped by our tour manager Chris Gibson's house in Hoboken, NJ. I told him I was thinking about writing songs for a solo album and he picked up an acoustic guitar, a Fender, and gave it to me. On the back of the guitar he wrote 'May the vibe continue through.' Once I was back home in Sweden, I started writing songs. A lot of them! I figured this was something I had to do. To get it out of my system. Once I had more than enough songs for an album I called my record label and said I needed money for a studio session. Without even hearing a single note, Fredrik, the label boss, gave me some money and sent me to the Bauhaus Studio in Gothenburg. Ok, so now I was supposed to do this! Record a solo album. But how do I pull it off? I knew I wanted Paul Bothén to record it and co-produce it. And I knew I wanted my good friend Per Nordmark to play the drums. And I pretty much knew what kind of sound I wanted for the songs. I knew I wanted and needed someone to play the piano because I wasn't good enough at that. I just didn't know anybody. Luckily Per had an old friend that he said was a pretty good piano player. So he called Peter Hermansson and asked if he wanted to tag along, and I sent him some demos of the songs. I had never met him before. He just showed up at the studio and started playing. I was stunned! I had never heard anybody play like that. Everything fell into place. A week later the Go, Went, Gone (1998) album was recorded and mixed. I never thought it was going to be more than a one-off thing. One album and be done with it. I guess I was wrong. One album became eight, with more to come. I feel really blessed that people still listen to my songs and come to my shows. You all rule! Thank you! This is not supposed to be a 'Best Of' compilation. Like it says, it's an introduction to my music. My world. It's my party and you are all invited. Hope you enjoy it. And may the vibe continue through!" --Kristofer