The Harbour, My Home

TR 283CD TR 283CD

Next Stop: Horizon report back with The Harbour, My Home. A lot has happened in the two and a half years since the release of their marvelous debut album We Know Exactly Where We Are Going (TR 220CD/LP). During one of their highly-acclaimed tours that led Pär Hagström and Jenny Roos with their band through Europe, they were drafted for a theater production at the Saarland State Theatre. Pär Hagström wrote the music for the play Das kalte Herz and the entire band lived and worked for several months in Germany during the rehearsals and performances. With plenty of inspiration in tow, they headed back to Sweden to record the new album -- in their own analog studio. Recorded on gorgeously quirky vintage equipment, the album features instruments that are less commonly heard in pop music -- including bass clarinet, harmonium, and mandolin. But it's difficult for outsiders to find the right words to describe this music. In keeping with tradition, Pär and Jenny bring it more precisely to the point. "Dear friends, we are happy and proud to let you know that the second Next Stop: Horizon album finally is ready. What is music? What is art? What is love? And what does it mean in a world as mysterious, unpredictable, and sometimes dark, as the world we live in? We like to look at music as sounds transcending into little waves of love that can light up our way and point out the direction. Even if we don't know for sure what's waiting up the road. In a way comparable to emergency lights in an airplane floor; necessary when you need to find the way out in the darkness. Or just like a lighthouse showing the way to the harbor that's hidden in the night. We're going there -- hope to see you friends on the road! Love, Pär & Jenny."