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LP version. Includes CD. Following up on their critically acclaimed debut album Exit (TR 309CD/LP, 2015), the post-punk band A Projection present their second album Framework on Tapete Records. Recorded by Niklas Berglöf at Redmount Studios in Stockholm, the album was mixed by the award-winning mix engineer Magnus Lindberg. A Projection was formed in 2013 as an act of desperation: While the group's founding members had successful careers that afforded them comfortable lives, a deep emptiness was growing inside of them - their hearts longed for music, art, and the excitement of the city pulse. As such, they decided to take a stand, sacrificing their corporate careers in order to follow their true calling to live their lives as artists, making music. Soon thereafter, A Projection was born. The band quickly gained an underground cult-status due to their atmospheric, unpredictable and sometimes violent live performances, and the music press frequently compared them to bands such as Editors, The Cure, Swans, and Depeche Mode. In 2015, they released their debut album Exit on Tapete Records. On their new album Framework, the band spins a dizzy web of dark '80s post-punk, energetic indie rock, and alternative electronic music. Driven by a need to express themselves, the band set out to create an album that captures the true sense of restlessness and isolation in a large city. The heartfelt and introspective lyrics of singer Isak Eriksson are entrenched in layers of effects-laden guitars, harrowing drumbeats, and larger-than-life synthesizers. "We wanted the album to be an accurate reflection of our lives and personal experiences", the band says. "As such, the intertwining of light and darkness, of joy and despair, is a big theme on the album." While light and darkness are classical themes, the band's recording process was anything but traditional: "We decided that some songs would be recorded during extreme sleep deprivation", the band says. "In order to truly capture the feelings of disorder and weariness that some of our songs represent, we had to go beyond just experimenting with sounds and song structures - we had to genuinely embody those very feelings. It was a very intense experience." The members of A Projection are: Isak Eriksson (vocals), Amos Pagin (electric guitar), Mattias Ruejas Jonson (bass), Linus Högstadius (synthesizers), and Jesper Lönn (drums).