Ich bin der Eine von uns Beiden

TR 466LP TR 466LP

LP version. Tapete Records present a reissue of Andreas Dorau's Ich bin der Eine von uns Beiden, originally released in 2005 on Mute. Includes such classics as "Kein Liebeslied", "40 Frauen", and "Im September". "Ihr brüllt von Liebe in engen Gewändern / Doch einer wie ich will die Welt noch verändern", sings Andreas Dorau on "Kein Liebeslied", written with Sven Regener. Love was not his chosen subject, he wanted to sing of other things -- wild boar ("Schwarze Furchen"), processions ("40 Frauen"), and the back house where the people come out the front ("Hinterhaus"). It was ever so. The maestro spent eight long years working on his so-called "wild boar record", a disc which featured Wolfgang Müller, Justus Köhncke, Carsten "Erobique" Meyer, and Paul Kominek, along with Andreas and Dorau. The concept of the album revolved around the separation of these last two participants. An interesting idea on paper --tender songs written by Andreas the artist, heavy bass drummed out by Dorau the party animal. "IbdEvuB" was conceived as an extraordinary album of severance. Fine on paper, yes, but in practice? ... Well, it took eight years, didn't it? Eight years of nerve-shredding fiddling around, but ultimately well worth the effort. House, soft rock, disco, glam pop, blended into a dazzling whole of Andreas and Dorau. Some of it recorded and produced in the garage, the rest in the legendary Can Studio in Weilerswist. Did Andreas and Dorau change the world with Ich bin der Eine von uns Beiden? Probably not, but they did manage to create a magnificent, timeless, electronic pop album which merits rediscovery. That's something! Remastered.