Boom Pam, widely renowned for their spellbinding Middle Eastern guitar music, have unveiled their highly anticipated fifth album, Royal. Celebrating their twentieth anniversary, the Tel Aviv based band combine cinematic atmospherics and high-powered surf rock on their first album for international ambassadors of Middle Eastern grooves, Batov Records. Over the course of eight thrilling tracks, Royal leads listeners on a topsy-turvy journey from Middle Eastern exotica to Spaghetti Western style scores, via scorching Mediterranean beaches. Highlights of the album include the surf-meets-Western delights of "Silver Lining", where irresistible guitar lines are piled high and topped with euphoric synths and rock drums, resulting in a timeless soundtrack for both headless nights in dive bars and heedless days at the funfair. "Juda" follows, a deadly combination of Zeppelin and Middle Eastern rock with subtle hints of synth funk. The track is named after living legend and Middle Eastern guitar hero, Yehuda Keisar, who also joins the band for this song, contributing a scorching solo. The thunderous guitar riffs are matched pound-for-pound by the irresistible percussive groove. Boom Pam "Rock the Casbah" on title track "Royal", revealing another card up their sleeve, as they transform a famous '80s Israeli radio theme into a disco-inspired super jam with a punk edge. The band maintain their reputation for first-rate and distinctive surf rock on the fast paced "Daber Yafé" and "Monsour". The sonic imprint is both warmed and widened by the rare addition of a tuba supplying the lower frequencies. Meanwhile, opener "Lava Tongue", and "Golden" emphasize the melodic side to the band, conjuring dreamy sunset mirages to hypnotize the listener. Boom Pam have established themselves as pioneers of modern Middle Eastern surf rock, combining sophisticated yet catchy guitar riffs, with roaring tuba basslines and fiery drums. In the past decade the band have frequently collaborated with and backed legendary Turkish folk singer-songwriter, Selda Bagcan, on stage and record, and performed at some of the world's most renowned festivals, including Primavera Sound, Lollapalooza, Fuji Rock, the Montreal Jazz Festival, and many more. An engaging listen from beginning to end, Royal is the perfect representation of Boom Pam's incredible 20-year journey, showcasing their superior skills in pushing the boundaries of their genre.