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Kenne Keine Tone

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LP version. After Die Drift, Kenne Keine Tone is the second studio album by the Vienna-based artist Conny Frischauf. Moving between pop and experiment, she embarks on a search for the momentary, the transitions and sonorous threshold spaces, creating a fascinating sound laboratory with Kenne Keine Tone that invites listeners to readjust their listening habits. Things are not what they seem to be. It is in this spirit that the artist guides us into her synaesthetic sound laboratory in which she acousmatically examines worldly phenomena as sonic events and combines them with delicate pop references. Stones, wind, water and other phenomena thus turn into audible miracles. In the sixteen tracks of her latest album, Frischauf is playing with our senses. Field recordings, carefully microphoned percussion instruments, aerophones, clapping hands and cosey synth sounds become finely balanced antagonists on this album, digging deep into auditory canals. The album is less about clear linear temporal sequences than about the spatial assembly of various possible meanings. Frischauf consciously awards this kind of independence to the sounds and ideas on the album. It is the reduction that makes a certain understatement reverberate on Kenne Keine Tone, and yet this restraint merely conceals Frischauf's passion for sound. Facing such a multitude of ideas, it's striking that the album remains as personal, casual and melodic as it does. A distinct groove emerges and occasionally invites listeners to dance.