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The Trip - Enter the Black Hole

AX 119LP AX 119LP

This double LP is cut in reverse, and plays inside out. Jeff Mills presents his new album The Trip, the world's first cosmic opera. What happens on the cosmic journey toward the black hole? What is on the other side of the black hole? Jeff Mills explores these questions through a performance and an album release, that appeals to the auditory and visual senses. A performance focusing on being lost in space The Trip began about leaving planet Earth and searching the cosmos for new locations to live. This album displays, in five theoretical scenarios, what could happen after entering through a black hole and exiting on the other side. Featuring special guest Jun Togawa . Jeff Mills, fascinated by Jun's unique way of singing as well as a commanding stage presence, approached her through the right channels and by the evening of the same day, Jun Togawa agreed and the lyrics had been written. The recording sessions were conducted remotely between their locations in Japan and the US. Two songs featuring Jun are "Contradiction" and "Hole." For both songs, Jun added the vocals to the rhythm originally composed by Jeff Mills, and the final synth pad (added by Shinichi Yamaguchi) was edited by Jeff Mills. On "Contradiction," he wanted to include a guitar similar to the style of rock and roll legend Bo Diddley, which is masterfully played by Kazuhide Yamaji of the current Yapoos.