AU 1007CD AU 1007CD

Seven track mid-length CD, all tracks previously unreleased. Includes a new DFA remix. "Before Homer (Simpson) there was Arthur Russell and his vision of a utilitarian and common social oasis. There appears to be in every state of the union a Springfield -- be it county, city or street. Arthur imagined that his music could be universally accepted in each and every one of them. Springfield is one of the last compositions Arthur Russell wrote in his all too short lifetime. Arthur recorded over four hours of tracking with the intention of collaborating with a producer for completion. It never happened until now when DFA accepted the monumental task of editing and completing the track. No overdubs were used with the exception of minimal keyboards on the remix. Three versions are included with separate vocal takes. The result is a classic electro dub track that ranks beside Arthur's visionary club music and DFA's prime remixes. The remaining tracks are some of Arthur's finest, most twisted moments, and culled from the unreleased 1985 album Corn. 'See My Brother, He's Jumping Out (Let's Go Swimming #1)', is the original (and no less stunning) version of what became the classic 12" released a year later. 'Corn #3' is a hypnotic instrumental with Casiotone, cello and found water sounds while 'Hiding Your Present From You' is a psychedelic blur that hints at the elements that came later with World of Echo. Closing out the album is 'You Have Did The Right Thing When You Put That Skylight In,' Arthur's ode to his close friend Ernie Brooks' home skylight. The heavy metal cellos rumble throughout as Arthur sings, 'It makes your place, your pad, a nicer place to be.' Springfield is a companion album to the critically acclaimed Calling Out Of Context, and offers further exploration of the genius of Arthur Russell."